About Me

Thank you for visiting Fernwood Designs and clicking here to learn more about who runs this nerd show. 

My love for sewing was ignited by a required class for my theater degree - Costume Tech 101. I had never touched a sewing machine before and it all felt very overwhelming. Then I put together a stitch sampler and was hooked. I couldn't believe you could take pieces of fabric, slap them together with some stitches and make something completely new. 

It turned out I didn't have a knack for clothing (draping and darts are evil), but the complicated process and components of bag making appealed to my obsessive need for perfection. 

I love what I do and I'm looking forward to pushing my limits this year - fewer shows so I can focus on new designs with new fabrics (leather & vinyl), more online availability of items, better techniques (with my new machines!), improved photos, etc. 

When I'm not in my studio cranking out the goods or getting ready for a show, you'll find me cobbling together cosplays for Ren Faire, planning a trip to some nerd convention, hanging with my cats and gaming with my hubs. ;-)