Embroidered Golden Ball Purse

Fully customized Golden Ball purse - it's a true one of a kind!

The exterior features a quilted, embroidered snitch design laid out entirely by hand by me. It's a time consuming process, but the only way I can ensure each design is precisely where it needs to be.

Stiff, rolled handles give this bag a luxe look and special details include: small embroidered snitch on rear panel, custom made dangle and purse feet. Interior is roomy and has a zipper pocket. 

Exterior panels are lined with foam, making this purse sturdy and stable. Lining is interfaced. 

Size: 12″ wide, 8″ tall, 6″ deep. Stiff rounded handles have a 6" drop. This is a hand carried purse as it doesn't have a long strap. 

Pattern: Lola by Swoon Patterns