Tasty Donut S'cowl

This adorable snap cowl will keep you cozy while sneaking a little donut into your day. Made of snuggle flannel, it's super soft and provides warmth without bulk. 

**I have one with Black lining and one with Teal lining. Please specify which you'd like during checkout!**

By snapping and folding the fabric in different combinations, you can create a variety of styles for your S'cowl - there's no wrong way to wear it!

Whether staying warm at the office, dressing up something simple, or as a replacement for a light jacket, this S'cowl is the unique accessory missing from your wardrobe. 

Materials: Lightweight flannel - keeps you toasty without bulk. Lined with ponte knit (65% Rayon/31% Nylon/4% Spandex). Snaps are set on vinyl tab. Measures: ~28"x18"

Machine washable. Each S'cowl comes with a detailed care card.

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